April 24, 2018

April update

Hi all. TreeView Player 2018 April 24 has been released.

File manager and Music player are now entirely tab-based. It's a different approach, and the whole thing vaguely resembles the Tree Style Tab extension for Firefox.

Other improvements to File manager, Music player, CUE parser, File renamer, Image viewer, Settings and customization.

"Music" and "Recent files" lists.

Bug fixes.


Also, Portable Bookmarks has been updated to v.1.1 with improved search, text rendering, settings, better drag and drop support, custom search engines, custom language support.

It works like this:
URLs from your clipboard are automatically saved to "Clipboard" folder.
From there, you can drag and drop them to your own folders, or delete them.
Text from your clipboard which doesn't contain a URL is automatically added to the Search field.
F1-F8 : search on the Internet using custom search engines.

I think you can even call it usable now. Give it a try.