February 26, 2015

Ubiquitous Player 2015.02.26

Hi. Ubiquitous Player 2015.02.26 has been released.

Improvements and changes to:
 * File manager
 * File navigation, navigating while playing music
 * Touch panel and clickable folder path for easier navigation
 * File seeking
 * Search
 * Copying/moving files
 * Second file panel was removed. To copy/move files, select them with right mouse button and choose a destination folder with mouse wheel click
 * Full screen mode
 * Touch mode
 * File renamer and multi-file renamer
 * Music player
 * Music statistics
 * Image viewer
 * Color picker, snipping tool
 * Color themes
 * Bookmarks and Notes were merged (Notes.txt file is no longer needed)
 * You can select multiple notes/bookmarks with down arrow button (menu on the left).

January 7, 2015

Ubiquitous Player 2015.01.08

Hi. Ubiquitous Player 2015.01.08 has been released.

* Improvements to favorite folders menu, image viewer, file manager, search.
* Dutch translation (thanks to a Dutch guy).
* bug fixes.

December 22, 2014

Ubiquitous Player 2014.12.23

Hi. Ubiquitous Player 2014.12.23 has been released.

* File manager is even faster + other stuff.
* F3 hotkey - show file(s) info.
* Improvements to music player, image viewer, touch mode, themes.
* .CUE files now load automatically.
* bug fixes.

December 8, 2014

Ubiquitous Player 2014.12.9

Hi. Ubiquitous Player 2014.12.9 has been released.

* Improvements to file manager, image viewer, notes, search and Internet search.
* Some guy has sent me a Romanian translation.
* FLAC plugin was updated.

November 24, 2014

Ubiquitous Player 2014.11.2

Hi. Ubiquitous Player 2014.11.2 has been released.

* Improved favorite folders menu. Folders are easier to manage, and every folder in your favorite path is clickable.
* Universal search: use single search field for files, bookmarks, notes, and the web.
(in file manager and bookmarks, you can search for multiple terms/tags with + as a separator)
(also, you can open multiple [tagged] bookmarks at once)
* [Ctrl+F] Internet search with keywords (see searchengines.txt). Example.
* Improvements to music player, image viewer, bookmarks, notes, calculator, themes.
* Fixed form resizing bug.
* Updated plugin.