April 5, 2016

Quick update: Ubiquitous Player 2016.04.06

April 4, 2016

Ubiquitous Player 2016.04.05

Hi all. Ubiquitous Player 2016.04.05 has been released. It is completely portable and includes:

Music player.
Easy to create and manage playlist. CUE sheets are supported. Use image button to add folders to playlist.
Hotkeys (global):
Ctrl+1 = play/pause.
Ctrl+2 = stop playback and free the file.
Ctrl+3/4 = play previous/next file

File manager.
Very fast and easy to use file manager with pseudo "tabs" which are based on your bookmarks. Use image button to add folders and files to bookmarks. To select/unselect files/folders, right-click them.

You can click on fav folders and path folders with different mouse buttons to quickly sort your files:
Left mouse button (or F5) = sort files by name/default sorting.
Wheel click (or Ctrl+W) = sort files by size.
Right mouse button (or Ctrl+Q) = sort files by time.

You can can search for multiple terms by using a multi-line search box.

Built-in Image viewer.

1 = display unscaled images
2 = fit image to screen
3 = enter/exit true fullscreen mode (also mouse wheel click)

Ubiquitous Player also includes an easy to use Bookmark manager/Notes, Calculator, Color picker, Snipping tool, File renamer, and more. It has fully scalable UI and supports any possible screen resolution. You can translate it if you wish.