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August 4, 2022

Portable Bookmarks 2022.08.05 and Quick Search 1.0

Hi all. Portable Bookmarks 2022.08.05 has been released.

What's new: general improvements, fixes. Good stuff.

Freeware, ~2 MB, includes both Windows and Linux versions, 100% portable
MD5: 744652d62b4edeaf6ef9f9e6c4b16b7c
MajorGeeks mirror
Softpedia mirror

Also, introducing Quick Search 1.0, a small program that allows you to use custom search engines right from your desktop.
Browser-independent, freeware, 100% portable, includes both Linux and Windows versions.
MD5: c59a9b0426340b232145d98aa13c73f2
Download from MajorGeeks
Download from Softpedia

It looks like this:
Quick search: main window

May 28, 2022

Portable Bookmarks 2022.05.27

Hi all. Portable Bookmarks 2022.05.27 has been released.

What's new:
* Bookmark sorting. You can now sort your bookmarks by path, tag, number of visits, date added, and day accessed
* Improved search
* Improved settings
* Somewhat improved file explorer
* Quick access to folders and settings
* Some changes to the UI

See screenshots below for more info.

Freeware, ~2 MB, includes both Windows and Linux versions, 100% portable
MD5: 79675487b876ce1c564a24ea7af87181
MajorGeeks page
Softpedia page
Virustotal report
Main window
File explorer

Screenshot number 4
Screenshot number 5

December 2, 2021

Portable Bookmarks 2021.12.03

Hi. Portable Bookmarks 2021.12.03 has been released.

What's new:

* A couple of changes and bug fixes.
* Scroll through images with the mouse wheel.
* Smooth image scaling.

MD5: 4f0af777fe76c0451d0b550a808b3d31
MajorGeeks mirror
Softpedia mirror

November 29, 2021

Portable Bookmarks 2021.12 (December 1)

Hi all. Portable Bookmarks 2021.12 (December 1) is out.

What's new:

* Improved search. Search suffixes (two for now).
* Better URL detection.
* Improved Image Viewer.
* You can save images as PNG now (Alt+K).
* GUI improvements.
* Improved File Explorer, file renaming.
* List of the most used tags (Alt+P).
* New Alt+X hotkey = open URL and remove it from bookmarks.
* Hot corner improvements.
* More hotkeys (shortcuts) added.

Freeware, ~2 MB, includes both Windows and Linux versions, 100% portable, free for non-commercial use.
MD5: 409541893db82058ee68c67f098af3ec

Softpedia mirror
MajorGeeks mirror

Here is the full list of hotkeys and controls:

* F1-F4 = Internet search from the search box
* Alt+1..4 = Internet search from your clipboard
* You can modify your search engines in settings
* F5 = go to temp bookmarks (temp-, if there are any)
* F6 = go to folders (.dir)
* F7 = go to notes (.text)
* Alt+E = edit link
* Alt+Q = delete link (only while editing)
* Alt+D = add folder to bookmarks
* Alt+F = add file to bookmarks
* Alt+T = add text (.text)
* Alt+X = open link and remove it from the bookmarks (works only with temp- bookmarks)
* Alt+C = reset link counter
* Alt+P = show the most popular tags
* ESC = start searching / close popup windows
* ENTER = open selected link
* ENTER (while editing) = rename link
* Mouse wheel click = open selected link
* F11 = resize window

* -f = File search. Example: filename-f
* -a = sort the search results in alphabetical order
* Searching 1 or 2 characters will take you to the first occurrence of the characters
* Searching with more than 2 characters = Search for all occurrences

* F2 = rename file / folder
* F5 = reload folder
* Alt+J = resize and save image as JPG (size %, quality 10-100)
* Alt+K = resize and save image as PNG (size %)
* LEFT and RIGHT arrows = show / hide the file explorer (when a folder is selected)
* Ctrl = open image viewer (when an image is selected)
* ENTER = open selected file / folder
* ENTER (while editing) = rename file / folder
* Mouse wheel click = open selected file / open image viewer
* Drag and drop files and folders from the File Explorer to move them

* Click on the left / right side of the image = previous / next image
* UP / DOWN keys = previous / next image
* Right mouse button = show random image
* Alt+M = show random image
* Mouse wheel click = close image viewer

That's a long post.

June 21, 2021

Portable Bookmarks 2021.07

A quick but important update: Portable Bookmarks 2021.07

What's new:

* The clipboard is no longer empty after you add a link to bookmarks
* You can search directly from the clipboard with Alt+1..4 (and F1-F4 to search from the search box)
* Text preview and large image preview with the Ctrl key.
* Speed improvements.
* More improvements to the File Explorer and copying files.
* Bug fixes.

Freeware, ~2 MB, includes both Windows and Linux versions, 100% portable
MD5: f2b1a6d7374dc2d8200eef3e09abdfeb
Softpedia mirror
MajorGeeks mirror

June 7, 2021

Portable Bookmarks 2021.06

Hello. Portable Bookmarks 2021.06 has been released.

What's new:

* Improvements to the File Explorer
* Delete, create, and rename files and folders
* You can drag and drop files and folders from the File Explorer to copy them
* Improvements to image preview
* More hotkeys
* Settings are now undeletable
* Some UI changes

April 6, 2021

Portable Bookmarks 2021.04

Hi all. Portable Bookmarks 2021.04 has been released.

What's new:

* It now includes a file explorer for convenience
* Image preview in the file explorer
* Resize and save images as JPG (Alt+J)
* Improved favorite folders and files
* Search for files and folders in the file explorer with the "/" postfix or F8 (Example: filename/)
* Hot corners. Activate the program by moving your mouse to the top center of your screen.
* Notifications
* Fully customizable UI
* You can delete or tag links directly from search

See screenshots for more info.

Freeware, ~1.9 MB, includes both Windows and Linux versions, 100% portable
MD5: 213d9c8a3ef519052202b50db2e073fd
Softpedia mirror
MajorGeeks mirror
Virustotal report

December 10, 2020

I'm open to suggestions.

December 8, 2020

Portable Bookmarks 3.0

Hi all. Portable Bookmarks 3.0 has been released.
A lot of changes in this release:

- better search
- better clipboard text detection
- better font rendering
- new URL redirect function (redirects you from www.reddit to old.reddit, for example)
- more shortcuts
- more settings
- some GUI improvements
- stuff

July 5, 2020

Portable Bookmarks 2.0

Hi all. I've decided to publish Portable Bookmarks 2.0 because I think someone might find the idea interesting.

Portable Bookmarks 2.0 is a browser-independent, clipboard-based, easy to use, portable bookmark manager.

Instead of folders, everything is done using tags and quick search. Hyperlinks from your clipboard will be added to bookmarks automatically. You can tag or delete them later.

You can also add files and folders as bookmarks.

Custom Internet search (f1-f4 keys)

A fully scalable UI and customizable colors.

License: Freeware

100% portable. Supported operating systems: Windows 10, 8, 7, Linux.